Meet our team

Welcome to our website and, from now on, your website too. is modern and bold as someone that has emerged from the age of social networks. For that reason we are not only a website, we guarantee our presence in Facebook, Twitter and Google + for those who like to chat; Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr for the pic lovers; Vimeo and Youtube. We also keep a blog and a printed magazine. Follow us as you like.

Leading principles

We have created YUP TRAVELS wishing to gather in one place the best experiences of tourism outside the main urban areas but also outside the usual travel circuits, because Portugal is so much more. We have dedicated our maximum attention to the rural retreats, holiday cottages and rural homes, small scale accommodation units but highly skilled in the art of welcoming.

The growing proficiency of Portuguese small scale tourism is one of our guidelines because we believe that having a multiprofessional team allows us to relate to each one of these business units as full partners when it comes to addressing Information technology. We also believe that building a solid corporate image and web advertising is a serious matter to be taken into account in any up-to-date business strategy. We work for that.

We also work on a daily basis for users in order to add value to the accommodation retreats we host upgrading them with local cuisine suggestions, trails and routes, leisure time activities, traditional festivals, cultural activities or just shopping trips for local craftwork and products within the area selected. We would like you to consider starting your travelling experience here, planning it as an adventure you would start at the comfort of your home, awaited in expectation by the whole family. We work for that.

Nowadays, no one feels truly satisfied without social networks, therefore we made responsive and available from any media platform because we want to be where you are. We work for that.

Who are whe?

YUP TRAVELS project and its online platform lodged in are property of INCIPIT–PRODUÇÃO DE CONTEÚDOS, LDA. | NIPC 513547495 | PARQUE DA CIÊNCIA E TECNOLOGIA DA COVILHÃ | 6200-865 TORTOSENDO, as well as all the additional on line web pages. We also keep and publish YUP TRAVELS MAGAZINE.


We wish to help rural tourism operators to get connected thus maximizing business potential. We are specially devoted to• contents production • translation to the main European languages • promotion through social networks • the creation of a corporate image • video and photography • the development or designing of websites• the management of networks and travelling propositions