Terms of service for YUP.pt

All the personal information gathered will be used to help making your visit more productive and pleasant. Data storage and personal information is an important matter to YUP.pt and this is why we guarantee its confidentiality to our users.

All personal information regarding members, subscribers, customers or visitors of YUP.pt will be treated according to the Portuguese act on personal data protection dated October 26th, 1998 (Lei n.º 67/98) and will be collected by INCIPIT-PRODUÇÃO DE CONTEÚDOS, LDA., NIPC 513547495, based on PARQUE DE CIÊNCIA E TECNOLOGIA DA COVILHÃ, 6200-865 TORTOSENDO, PORTUGAL.

The personal data collected may include your name, e-mail, phone number and/or mobile phone, address, date of birth or other that may be of relevance.

Depending on the service that we may be providing, some of the information asked will be identified as mandatory while other may be voluntary. Mandatory data are essential to the correct processing of the service rendered and not providing them may cause the service to stop.

Using YUP.pt presupposes accepting the present privacy agreement and our team reserves the right to alter the arrangement without prior agreement. As a consequence we recommend you to learn about our terms of service regularly, whenever you feel necessary or you log into a new service subjected to us.


Just like any other website we gather and use information included in web advertising. This data includes your IP address (internet protocol), your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the browser used to access our website as well as the time spent visiting our website or the number of pages visited within our web domain.

This data will be strictly used within the business purposes of the company that holds the domain YUP.pt, with the stated intentions of performing measurements and statistics which are indispensable to the correct functioning of the services provided.

Links to other websites

YUP.pt uses links to websites outside our domain that may contain useful data / tools to enhance the visiting experience to our website. Our own clients or other service providers should be accounted for some of these web pages. We do not enforce their own personal privacy policies neither are we accountable for them. Should you pay a visit to any other website when leaving or from YUP.pt, we recommend a careful reading of the privacy policy and terms of service of any website since we cannot be held responsible for them.