Cookies and Web Beacons

We use cookies to store data, such as personal preferences when visiting our website. Our cookies may include a single pop up or a link to several other services provided by us. In either case cookies are never malware or harmful to your device. Cookies cannot be executed as code or carry virus. uses data gathered with cookies in order to meet your wishes and preferences, customizing your future visits. This is part of our operating strategy consisting in the “customization” of the layout on our website to meet your future needs and maximize the surfing experience of

You held the power to turn off your cookies using your browser options or adjusting the settings of your antivirus programmes. Most of the browsers, like Chrome or Mozilla are preset to accept cookies. Furthermore you can set your browser to receive a notification whenever a cookie needs permission to be installed, having thus the opportunity to decide what to do. However, the rejection of cookies may modify your interaction with our website or other websites preventing to log into some programmes, web pages or websites within our web domain. may also include web beacons in promotional messages or newsletters in order to determine if our messages have been read or have initiated any action. All data gathered through this process will be used to enhance the services provided to our visitors, such as targeting contents and promotions and measure the efficiency of our web strategies.